Cabinet doors are built!

It's all coming together.

Things are getting settled... doors done on the tool cabinet, shelves installed in base cabinets...

There is going to be a workbench in there soon...

First steps... everything is laid out in it's eventual place (approximately).

Doors and drawers finally done... 

Got some cabinets built!  Making progress...

Table from the 10/30-31 Open Studios event

Lumber storage and drill press.  Still work to do in this area.

A brief photo blog of my works in progress

I'm currently working on getting my new shop set up.  I'll be posting as I take new pictures and make progress.

Clamps, chop saw, hardware, bandsaw and lathe along the left wall.

Countertops are in!

Hand tool cabinet, with sliding doors.

Table saw, jointer, and hand tools along the right wall.

350 sq. ft. of potential.. Island St. Studios, Lawrence.